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The secret on exceptional leadership - Interview with Dr Brian Harman: Point of View Business Show ep 31

What is the secret to developing exceptional leadership? In this post I interview Dr Brian Harman as part of the Point of View Show. Dr Brian Harman is an executive coach and leadership professor based in Los Angeles, California, USA.

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Creating leadership excellence in Asia - Interview with Angeline Yee: Point of View Business Show ep 30

How do you create a culture of leadership excellence in Asia? My latest interview with Angeline Yee talks about this as she shares what it takes to do this and how you can implement it into your workstream.

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How to close deals on LinkedIn - Interview with Jess Hartono: Point of View Business Show ep 29

Create more sales through LinkedIn! My next guest is Jess Hartono, she is a B2B LinkedIn leads specialist, entrepreneur, business coach with years of experience working both in agency and client side organizations.

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How communications improves your selling - Interview with Ravi Rajani: Point of View Business Show ep 28

How communication is so important when it comes to improving your sales and closing your deals. My interview with communication expert, Ravi Rajani

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Sell anything like a pro - Interview with David Masover: Point of View Business Show ep 27

David Masover, he’s a 30-year veteran of B2B sales, has written several books and eBooks mostly around sales process and management effectiveness, hosts a podcast called Driving B2B Sales Revenue and works as an independent sales coach and consultant.

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The future of travel in Asia - Interview with Hannah Pearson: Point of View Business Show ep 26

Explore some of the insights and trends that’s coming out of South East Asia as a result from the COVID-19 situation. Hannah Pearson is the director of Pear Anderson, a research and sales representation tourism consultancy specialising in the Southeast Asian and Muslim tourism industry.

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The Importance Of Change Management In COVID-19: Point of View Business Show Ep 25

Transformation! My next guest is Friska Wirya. She is an experienced change management expert and principal at Fresh By Friska based in Sydney, Australia.

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How to Develop Leadership Around The World: Point of View Business Show Ep 24

How to led and manage across different languages, customs and culture. I interview Chris Catchpole who has been based in Vietnam for 10 years and across Asia for a lot more.

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How to develop leadership through a fighter's mindset: Point of View Business Show Ep 23

My next guest is Mike Altamura, he’s a boxing manager, talent scout, writer, podcaster with his show, The Fight Game, managed and saw the development of 9 boxing world champions

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