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What leadership means in Asia: Point of View Business Show Ep 22

My next guest is Winnie Lam, COO for Colliers International. She is a seasoned executive having worked across multiple industries through various leadership roles and across five countries.

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How to do business in Asia - Interview with Steven McGinnes: Point of View Business Show ep 21

My next guest is Steve McGinnes, author, strategy consultant, commentator, speaker and currently running his consultancy, Hummingbird Group from Singapore. 

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How to build a winning marketing strategy: Travel Tourism Industry compilation: Point of View Business Show ep 20

How to build a winning marketing strategy and focus on a particular industry and just highlight a few guests with their wise words.

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Leadership success in Asia - Interview with Aaron Foo: Point of View Business Show ep 19

My next guest is Aaron Foo, he is currently the Head of Product Strategy for iCar Asia, which is an online platform that enables people buy and sell throughout ASEAN region. 

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Creating leadership in Asia - Interview Mindshare CEO Shankar Rajagopal: Point of View Business Show ep 18

My next guest is Shankar Rajagopal. He is currently the head honcho for Mindshare Vietnam with over 20 years of leadership and market experience across Southeast Asia.

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Visual storytelling that works - Interview with Thomas Elliott: Point of View Business Show ep 17

My next guest is Thomas Elliott, a visual content expert, an artist, film maker, creative director, and influencer with over 96,000 followers on LinkedIn! 

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How to build leadership resilience - Interview with Heidi Dening: Point of View Business Show ep 16

My next guest is Heidi Dening, she’s a speaker, author and educator from Sydney, Australia.

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Content marketing for small businesses - Interview with Nick Bendel: Point of View Business Show ep 15

Nick Bendel, he is a professional digital marketer, specialising in content development for small and medium-sized businesses. 

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Asia startup mindset - Interview with startup expert Vince Vu: Point of View Business Show ep 14

My next guest is Vince Vu, an entrepreneur, advisor, investor and partner for various startups in the Vietnam ecosystem. 

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