About Andy Tran facilitating a strategy marketing campaign workshop


Strategy professional with over 15 years of international experience!

I help businesses simplify their digital marketing and teach professionals to position their brand to their audience.

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Problem solving at the core!

I'm a marketing problem solver specialising in creating strategies that help businesses operate towards a better outcome.

I have a multi-disciplined production background in social media, UX/CX, content creation, lead generation, analytics, creative storytelling and more.

My job is to add an omni-channel strategic approach to deliver value, clarity and business focus through a methodology developed by years of applied service.

I want to make a positive impact in the businesses I work with, whilst balancing customer needs with sound commercial objectives.
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Strengths and skills

A strong background in strategy, planning and implementation, with experience in social media digital user experience (UX) and customer experience (CX). 

The focus is to build the best experience agnostic to technology, and channels across the Asia Pacific region.
 Strategy and planning
 Web analytics
 Social media marketing
 Project / campaign management
 User experience


Creating the right solution, all comes down to the right approach. The philosophy encompasses the 4 D’s – Discover, Define, Design and Deliver.

Across each stage involves collaboration between teams both internal and external, as a result, this enables the best possible balance between ideation, customer experience and delivery.


Phase 1
Taking the brief to dissect and uncover the existing research (qualitative and quantitative), analytics, internal stakeholder interviews and verbatim, as well as, social media monitoring feedback to understand the problem hypothesis
Discovery phase
Defining the scope of the work


Phase 2
Using the research and materials from the Discovery phase to properly define the actual problem by distilling the research into a set of insights. This will give a scope of the ideation and solution.


Phase 3
Going through a number of subsets including: Ideation, Feature/Product Prioritisation, Prototyping (Lo-Fi/Hi-Fi), Test and Learn.
Designing the solution
Delivery of the solution to market


Phase 4
The final stage to deliver the final product or service into market with post launch milestones used to gauge learnings and recommendations.

This is Andy Tran

A strategist, marketer and problem solver. 

Focusing on sharing topics and resources to help students and business professionals in leadership, branding, marketing and sales 
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