Point of View Show interview with Shankar Rajagopal

Creating leadership in Asia – Interview Mindshare CEO Shankar Rajagopal: Point of View Business Show ep 18

My next guest is Shankar Rajagopal. He is currently the head honcho for Mindshare Vietnam, which is a media agency that’s part of GroupM, which is the world’s largest advertising media company and also cleaned up at the Campaign awards last year.


As a leader, he’s been in the field of marketing communications for over 20 years across various media and market research industries. 


Recognised as 2019 ‘Southeast Asia Agency Head of the year’ by Campaign, and Runner-up for ‘Office Head of the year’ at the Mindshare AMEA + Russia Huddle 2019.


We had a great chat and talked about:

  • His career spanning from India, China and now currently in Vietnam
  • The challenges he faced as a country head, especially in China and Vietnam where there were some major cultural differences
  • Tips and advice for leaders, especially multinational organisations, when it comes to developing inspiration and empowerment


Without further adieu, please welcome Shankar.




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