The Importance Of Change Management In COVID-19

The Importance Of Change Management In COVID-19: Point of View Business Show Ep 25

My next guest is Friska Wirya. She is an experienced change management expert and principal at Fresh By Friska based in Sydney, Australia.

Her extensive career has enabled her to work with a number of top class organizations in mining, engineering and technology and navigate transformation and change within their business.

In our interview we discuss:

  • 0:00 – Intro and how she entered the world of change management
  • 1:56 – What is organizational change
  • 3:50 – Common myths and misconceptions that organisations have regarding organizational change
  • 6:28 – The importance of strong leadership in implementing organization change management
  • 10:10 – Advice for CEOs/C-suites/Decision Makers on changement management


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Here’s a few things that I got from my chat with Friska.

What is change management?

It’s the discipline that shapes how we help prepare, support and equip individuals within an organization to adopt a change, from the status quo whatever that may be. It could be a digital transformation, it could be a merging acquisition, it could be an operating model redesign, so changes of all shapes and sizes.

Start early in your planning

I asked Friska when should an organisation engage with a change management consultant or firm and she said “earlier the better!”. The reason why you want to do that is simple:

  • Because right from the beginning you want to get your key messages sorted out very very quickly
  • You want to have your stakeholders mapped out on the power influence matrix you want to start engaging them
  • You want to know who can make or break your change you want to make sure that your leadership are all on board and they’re singing from the same hymn sheet

She signs off by saying “if any sort of shakiness from them will erode any credibility for the change”.

People, Process Platform

What I got out of this particular interview was the value of a change management consultant for a business whether or not you’re large or small. Nowadays as businesses are starting to cut back in terms of spending from marketing, all the way down to headcount, it’s really important to acknowledge the cascading effect that’s going to have with regards to the processes that you’ve currently building and, what you need to do to change with a smaller workforce.

In addition, the platforms that you currently have in order to communicate to your customers, how important that’s going to be in terms of the current platforms that you’re using and new platforms that you’re considering on on-boarding with a smaller workforce that has to work more efficiently in this time of need.

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