How to Develop Leadership Around The World: Point of View Business Show Ep 24

One thing that this platform has enabled me to do is explore the notion of leadership from people who have led around the world across different languages and customs, yet still deliver, produce and positively change those around them to think and do differently.

I wanted to explore this and with my recent interview with Chris Catchpole, I was able to ask about this experience and what he's seen through the lens of a seasoned advertiser.

I wanted to really get his insights around what he has seen especially in Vietnam whilst he's been here, and what has kind of changed in Vietnam. Finally, I wanted to kind of get his advice when it comes to creativity and his thoughts around that and so this was a really interesting kind of chat.

About Chris

My next guest is Chris Catchpole, a creative wizard, a teacher, a leader and currently Executive Creative Director for DDB and Tribal Worldwide. He’s from the UK, but has been living in Asia for over 10 years from Singapore, China and now Vietnam.

His extensive agency experience has enabled him to work with a number of high profile brands including Google, Unilever, BMW, Visa, Intercontinental Hotels and more.

We touched on his career, what were the pivotal moments in Ad industry in Vietnam and also getting some advice on unlocking creativity in people.

Our conversation talks about his career, why he’s in Vietnam, his thoughts around the creative space in Asia and what creates repeat business in the cut throat side of Agency-life.

Quick note:

To be quite honest i wasn't quite sure if this was going to work because when i looked at it again the audio was off video was kind of a little bit all over the place as well from a visual perspective and i thought about well should i reshoot the skin reorganize it or should i try and use what i have for it and so i decided to take the latter approach because i felt like it was a bit more authentic and there's still some value across it so what i've done is i tried to clean it up as best as i could coming through so if you hear like an audio distortion coming through in comparison to other episodes it is because of that but the essence of it is still quite clear i hope you guys like it.

Key points in the interview

  • 0:00 - Intro
  • 2:16 - How do you creatively manage teams when you move to different countries?
  • 4:50 - Key moments in Vietnam Advertising?
  • 12:43 - Key questions to help you create award winning content
  • 16:31 - How to unlock creativity within yourself and towards your team

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