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Human centered approach to transformation interview with AJ Kulatunga - Podcast Episode 46

What is Innovation? How can brand adopt a heart-centred approach in digital leadership? Interview with speaker AJ Kulatunga

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How to use your voice to command an interview with Sally Prosser - Podcast Episode 45

Sitting down speaking with voice & public speaking coach Sally Prosser

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Business leadership in Asia - Interview with Khushboo Nangalia: Point of View Business Show ep 32

I interviewed Khushboo Nangalia, a budding marketer, entrepreneur, award-winning marketer and founder of BEYOND99 and LinkedIn influencer,

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The secret on exceptional leadership - Interview with Dr Brian Harman: Point of View Business Show ep 31

What is the secret to developing exceptional leadership? In this post I interview Dr Brian Harman as part of the Point of View Show. Dr Brian Harman is an executive coach and leadership professor based in Los Angeles, California, USA.

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Creating leadership excellence in Asia - Interview with Angeline Yee: Point of View Business Show ep 30

How do you create a culture of leadership excellence in Asia? My latest interview with Angeline Yee talks about this as she shares what it takes to do this and how you can implement it into your workstream.

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What leadership means in Asia: Point of View Business Show Ep 22

My next guest is Winnie Lam, COO for Colliers International. She is a seasoned executive having worked across multiple industries through various leadership roles and across five countries.

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Leadership success in Asia - Interview with Aaron Foo: Point of View Business Show ep 19

My next guest is Aaron Foo, he is currently the Head of Product Strategy for iCar Asia, which is an online platform that enables people buy and sell throughout ASEAN region. 

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Creating leadership in Asia - Interview Mindshare CEO Shankar Rajagopal: Point of View Business Show ep 18

My next guest is Shankar Rajagopal. He is currently the head honcho for Mindshare Vietnam with over 20 years of leadership and market experience across Southeast Asia.

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Why Communication Is So Important for Leaders: Point of View Business Show Ep 13

Vinh Giang on communication, more importantly effective communication is so important when it comes to leadership and the characteristics of a good leader.

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