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How to be a successful salesperson in Asia an interview with sales trainer Marcus Chan business podcast episode 49

How to master selling in today's digital era with performance coach Marcus Chan

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How to win more clients in Asia an interview with sales trainer Christina Tan business podcast episode 48

Overcoming rejection or sales loss with sales professional coach and trainer, Christina Tan from Singapore.

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What is effective sales training an interview with Simon Hares - Podcast Episode 44

How do you create effective sales? I chat to Simon Hares on effective sales training, mistakes salespeople make and mindset training

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Digital transformation in Asia an interview with Francis Goh - Podcast Episode 43

Want to understand why digital transformation is important for Innovation?

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How to build and sell a winning course Interview with strategist Anita Siek - Podcast Episode 42

How do you build a course that maximises your revenue? How do you build a course that creates value to your students that continues after they purchased and enrolled in your course?

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Habits of successful sales professionals Interview with Allan Langer Podcast Episode 41

How do you elevate your sales team of professionals to make 10 times more than your current flow? How do you build a successful sales pipeline that closes at a higher rate than before?

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Is influencer marketing effective in the 'new norm'

why it’s a bad idea if you're a small business to use an influencer or Key Opinion Leader (KOL), but also let you know when you should consider using an influencer or KOL as part of your marketing mix to promote your product, service or business.

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Modern Sales Leadership for Southeast Asia Interview with Michael Kawula Episode 39

Modern leadership for Southeast Asia requires a balance between Asia’s unique cultural emphasis on hierarchy positioning and incorporating international best practices.

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