How to build and sell a winning course: Interview with strategist Anita Siek - Podcast Episode 42

How to build and sell a winning course Interview with strategist Anita Siek – Podcast Episode 42

How do you build a course that maximises your revenue? How do you build a course that creates value to your students that continues after they purchased and enrolled in your course? With COVID-19 providing opportunities to work from home (WFH), there is a need for all businesses, large or small to upskill to improve their business marketing.

My next guest is Anita Siek, Speaker, Educator and Brand Strategist. Anita is the Founder and Director of Wordfetti, a human-centered brand strategy and word education house that is on a mission to better businesses, and the world through the power of words.

She has a growing following on one of Australia’s best business marketing podcast and fun fact, Anita used to be a lawyer, admitted in the Supreme Court of Queensland

Anita has her own successful podcast, Brandfetti which talks about branding and marketing, with tips to help you build the best brand possible. We chatted about strategy and some of the challenges businesses face when they develop their own marketing plans. However, I also wanted to dive a bit deeper on one of her podcast episode, Behind the scenes of my $200K program launch. Really fascinating stuff, and I hope you all like it.


Chapters of the Interview

0:00 – Introduction

5:55 – Biggest mistake businesses make in their marketing approach

7:25 – The biggest mistake small businesses make in their marketing activities

8:06 – Resources to help strategist ideate

9:43 – Deep understanding of your customer

10:42 – Understanding your audience

11:31 – Stay up to date with published studies

12:23 – Using storytelling to help relate your product or service to your audience

17:50 – Wider brand communication still has purpose

20:23 – How did you initially get your beta students for your course?

24:42 – Which channel was most effective in gaining your core students for your course?

27:24 – Losing that human connection – Don’t chase money!

27:37 – The marketing funnel – put your customer in the middle

31:04 – How long did it take to build your course?

36:00 – The advantages in creating a beta program

38:06 – Using education marketplaces to sell your course

39:54 – What would you go back and do differently

43:24 – Structuring your products to fit the different price points

45:25 – Advice to c-suite or strategist on reframing a problem they are facing


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