Digital transformation in Asia an interview with Francis Goh - Podcast Episode 43

My next guest is Francis Goh, he is the founder and CEO of Hehsed, which is a consulting group based in Singapore with a focus on digital transformation including Innovation strategies through design-thinking & agile scrum practice.

He has over 20 years of international experience working in industries like technology and the energy space across Asia, Europe and the United States holding key senior regional roles for companies like ExxonMobil, Hewlett-Packard, Fujitsu, SAP, Microsoft and more.

Our conversation focuses on his consulting practice, specifically around digital transformation and how he works with his clients on developing innovative strategies through various frameworks and techniques.

Chapters of the Interview

0:00 - Interview

4:34 - Questions to ask your stakeholder in Digital Transformation?

7:31 - What does digital transformation mean in 2021 for Asian-based organizations?

10:19 - The adoption of digital transformation needs to be adopted by the entire business

12:04- eCommerce adoption of digital will propel transformation in the region

16:17 - Infrastructure of the hospitality industry to digitally transform due to COVID

18:05 - Why is design thinking methodology so important in developing innovative solutions?

20:16 - How do you implement design thinking with your clients?

22:01 - How long does a design thinking workshop last?

24:03 - How do you maintain focus from participants during an online workshop?

26:08 - What advice would you give a fellow CMO on reframing a marketing or sales problem they are facing?

Watch a snippet - Initial questions you should ask if you're digitally transforming your organization

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