Three trends that will impact marketers in 2020

Three top trends that will impact marketers in 2020

2020 is here and a new decade has now started. The buzz around the 21st century’s roaring 20’s has produce a swag of top marketing trends for 2020. In this post, I’ll introduce you to three trends and two bonus trends that I believe will help you as a marketer reach your objectives.

Trend 1: Chatbots

Okay so the first trend isn’t a ground breaker, but it is something that as a digital marketer you will be asked at some point by your senior management team– “Do we, or don’t we use chatbots?”

Statistically, used properly Chatbots do aid the brand in adding value to the user’s experience and support the sale conversion funnel. Chatbots has been used in the help and support space, but increasingly, we are starting to see this tactic being used to help generate leads online. Again, investing into Chatbots requires time both from a test and learn perspective, but also time for management to understand the produce in order to reduce internal risk that this might do towards damaging the brand.

Trend 2: Personalisation

Personalisation has been something of a must-do, especially over the past several years, but it’s common sense, if you create an environment or an experience that’s tailored to your target audience, you will develop greater attention and value. That in turn will help in differentiating yourself against your competitors, and down the line, develop brand affinity and recommendations.

It is not difficult to achieve that in digital marketing, but you need data. It is not enough to know their names and mention them in your email campaigns. You need to know their preferences, demographics, problems, interests, and anything else that you can use to improve user experience and get more conversions.

For example, Amazon has mastered personalisation in digital marketing. It uses purchase history, viewing history, contact details, and shipping details to find the best recommendations for each user when they visit the website. Also, they send these suggestions to their email addresses to maximise their results.

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Trend 3: Websites will optimise for voice search

Voice search will have an accelerated adoption in 2020 given the fact that more voice enabled IoTs come into the market to compete or complement the likes of Alexa and Echo and Google Home to name a few.

Websites will need to adapt to this shift in consumer behaviour and preference. Voice search allows users to search faster and easier, and it is natural to become popular.

Bonus Trend 4: Micro-Content Still Works

In this category, we can put any type of content that is not more than a few sentences in text format or a few seconds in video format. For a few examples, you probably have seen the 5-second YouTube ads, short posts on Twitter, and 15 seconds Instagram stories. Additional to this type of content, Tik Tok is a new hot social media network that allows you to create videos up to one minute, and Quora is an option to get traffic with short answers. Companies start investing in micro-content and try to get the best possible results from it.

Bonus Trend 5: Interactive Content

There is a lot of content on the Internet, so it is not easy to get the attention of the users. They just pass most posts of their feed until finding something interesting. Interactive content is a great way to stop this lazy scrolling and make them take action. They feel that they participate in something or earn the content that they will consume later. For examples of interactive content, you can consider quizzes, surveys, polls, interactive videos, contests, and more.

2020 will be a wild year with new regulation around privacy, and new social platforms fragmenting the social sphere, it’s important to focus on WHO your customer is, WHY should they use/interact with your brand and WHAT media channels do they want to converse in.


Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash