Leadership in Asia - Leadership decision making for Vietnam: Point of View show ep 36

While leadership is mostly considered to be universal across cultures, the approach to which it is implemented is typically culturally specific. Asia is no different and with the region, in particular South-East Asian countries like Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia rapidly growing despite the current COVID-19 situation, there lies an opportunity for leaders in Vietnam to evolve, internationalize and improve their workforce culture, whilst maintaining their cultural identity.

In this episode, I talk to Executive Creative Director at Saatchi & Saatchi Tokyo, Luciana Cani, she has over 23 years of experience leading teams across four continents from Brazil in South America, to Portugal in Europe, to the Chicago in the United States, and now currently in Japan in Asia.

Our conversation takes us into her perspective of firstly brands and what makes them iconic through time, and her perspective on leadership across multiple cultures and in particular we talk about some of the things that have helped her as a leader community and breakthrough her point across irrespective of language and culture.

Key chapters in the interview:

  • 0:00 - Intro
  • 5:21 - What makes a brand iconic?
  • 8:07 - How Nike has evolved their branding over time
  • 9:03 - Brands become iconic over time by adding depth and character in their brand
  • 9:36 - Favourite brand Luciana had worked for in the past? (Travel)
  • 11:44 - What brands in Tourism and Travel should be focusing on? (Marketing / Communication)
  • 16:33 - Leadership in Asia
  • 17:11 - What leadership tactics have worked communicating across cultures around the world?
  • 21:40 - Leadership difference between the East and West
  • 25:57 - Advice for creative directors articulating / identifying the actual creative problem to solve

Here's a quick teaser as I ask Luciana what makes a brand iconic

Here’s the full interview with Luciana

Listen to the full interview with Luciana

Episode links from Luciana:

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