How to develop your personal branding B2B Marketing with String Nguyen: Point of View Business Show ep 11


I wanted to explore what it takes to become an expert on a social media platform and who else to talk social media, online behaviour and creating your personal brand then a known social media expert!

I interviewed String Nguyen, she’s a superstar in the LinkedIn space, garnering a massive following by utilising a set of fundamental principles she’s tested which got her a following from another platform (remember Meerkat).

Here’s the full interview with String

Listen to the full interview

We discussed a number of topics from her upbringing and how that shaped her curiosity to the principals in building a successful personal branding account. Here’s a few dot points:

  • The balance between effective engagement and communication across channels
  • Common challenges people on LinkedIn face when they are trying to build their audience
  • How she got the interview with Gary Vaynerchuk
  • LinkedIn live streaming results and,
  • How to succeed in live streaming irrespective of which platform you choose

We also talked about String’s latest venture, The Trusted Voice, it's helping professionals amplify their online brand and presence. She discusses how it came about and provides a demo during our chat as well.

But, here’s what I learned from my conversation with String.

Always try new things

As the saying goes “you got to break a few eggs to make an omelette”. After my conversation with String, it got me thinking - how did I end up here?

I realised it’s a collection of experiences through my time as a immigrant kid growing to pursuing my career in sports and finally my passion in connecting with brands. I had to build these experiences up one by one and create my own perception before I figured out what I wanted to do.

Mix up your content

Mixing up your content from video to text, to imagery is a great way not only to test out your audience’s reception to your style, but also a way to test out the algorithm part of your platform. Always be mixing up your content approach but stay consistent to your core messaging.

Engage in the space - Social Media 101

Loved String’s breakdown in social media influence success. It’s so true, you need to engage in your platform, that means, engaging in conversations based on the hashtags you’re using.

To find out more on String Nguyen, you can connect with her on the following:

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