B2B Marketing - Stats you need to create powerful presentations

Need an article that you can pull some stats to help build your 2020 marketing strategy? Look no further than this one by Top Rank Marketing.

On this video, we look at a blog post from Top Rank Marketing, a content marketing agency based in the United States. The article, B2B Marketing In 2019 — The Year In Review, takes a look at the big news that occurred throughout 2019 in their end of year wrap.

Some good points made to remind us about the importance of advertising and content marketing moving into 2020. In addition, if you're looking for find some statistics to help support your marketing presentations, this article will be a useful start.

Link to the article:  Top Rank Marketing


Hey everybody good morning, good afternoon, good evening where you from, wherever you're watching, my name's Andrew Tran and welcome to this first episode!

It is any show that allows me to give out my point of view about it, and hopefully add some value to your day as you're running through and getting your 2020 goals set up.

Now in this episode I want to introduce you to in the first blog it's from top ranked marketing, it's their first blog article for 2020.

The good thing about this particular article, it'll take a few minutes for you to read but what they've done is they've summarised what's happened in 2019, they broken it down into different quarters.

In addition to that, not only have they kind of curated bits and pieces that's been happening around the ecosystem but then also introduced some stats out there particularly around the b2b space

"1.8 trillion dollar market by 2023"

"long-form content generates 77 percent more links"

Now that's important from an SEO perspective, but it also means that hey you're giving out more value to your audience within your space in the context of your industry, your product or service.

So this is a really cool article to have a look at the beginning of your 2020 year to reach your 2020 goals, because chances are if you work in corporate space or in the startup space you're gonna have to create decks, presentations, build a story around what you're justifying, what you're defending what you want to try and build, particularly in the space of like email marketing, in the space of content marketing, social media it's gonna be really really important to add in some of those stats to help build that story for your audience coming through. so check out that blog article it's in the description below.

Now if you watched all the way through let me know the comments below, tell me your suggestions have you have any questions let me know.

This is something I want to do on a regular basis as you like it add value to you and my add value to your colleagues please share that with it as well.

Till the next episode have a good afternoon have a good morning and have a good night see ya bye.

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