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What is POV?

Aimed at business professionals in leadership and management, Point of View (POV) is a web-series that interviews experts in their field to find out how they started their journey and provides practical tips that will help you improve your performance.


Guests come from a wide range of backgrounds from branding, marketing, advertising, design, to even leadership, management or professionals in motivation and coaching.


Each interview will add value by inspiring you to evaluate your products or services, and find ways to differentiate it in your marketplace whilst improving your customer experience.

Why do I do this?

The show started a way to highlight my point of view (hence POV) with 10+ years in the branding and marketing field. The format allowed me to speak on ideas and articles written by authors across the web.


It has since evolved towards discovering other experts and highlighting them to my community.


The goal is to explore a theme with my guest and to the audience, evoke a question:


How do I reach my business goals by improving my situation as a professional in my field?

Andrew Tran Point of View Video series

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Andrew Tran Point of View Interview Series