Developing your digital marketing strategy

You’ve downloaded your eBook guide, now you want to figure how to piece this all together. The solution – Digital Design Marketing Workshop.


Developed especially to be lean and focussed on delivery, this workshop will explore the components of your brand, the challenges and the competitors. Then afterwards we begin to shape and prioritise the solution and deliverables to drive success with clear and measureable results.


Read how a leading corporate travel group growth hacked their way to a 900% increase in sales.

What to expect

Breakdown the components of the initial problem

Get consensus on the primary challenge at hand.

Identify and agree on who your primary competitors are

Make sure your team is on the right page before you ideate.

Ideate and prioritise to resolve the solution

Capture the ideas and prioritise them between effort and value.

Develop clear and measureable action points to test

Isolating the key objectives to help determine success or learning metrics.