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Unfortunately the deadline ended for the Agito Campaign marketing course as it was a special pre-sale offer, but if you still want to enroll in the course, please fill out the form and I will let you know when the course is open again.


The full course is designed to

Strategy and Planning

Clearly and effectively define your campaign objectives

Gain the skill sets needed to develop your campaign objectives and logically apply design-based thinking

Full course ideate

Ideate with solutions that aligns to your campaigns objectives

Lead your team or apply the principles to ideate for yourself whilst looking at all of the angles of your campaign

Full course prioritize

Prioritize your campaign – resources, tech and processes

Design your approach by identifying the resources you need (internal and external), objectively decide which ideas to implement and plan your go-to-market activities.

Application in action

Challenge: A Vietnamese startup focused in outdoor media space was looking to increase revenue objectives.

Process: Using the principals in a workshop setting to define and align focus, ideate and prioritize solutions to solve their current challenge.

Delivered: Documented approach to improve their sales strategy, ideate the solution, and aligned team and resource direction.

Program structure

When you enroll to this full marketing course you will have access to the six modules that will enable you to strategize your campaign with clear objectives, set up your resources to support you and clearly define your metrics of success.


Define the campaign and objectives

- Defining your campaign objectives
- Make sure you and your teams are following the same direction

Module 2 Identify your resources


Identify your resources

- Who do you currently have
- What are the key resources you are going to need and where to find them

Process Design Phase 3


Aligning your campaign to your business

- Think differently to unpack your campaign - customers, demographics, targets
- Why developing that key messaging for your campaign is important

Module 4 Ideate solutions for the problem


Ideate solutions for the problem

- Effective techniques to lead your team or ideate yourself
- Come up with solutions that tie back to your objectives

Module 5 Prioritize your solution


Prioritize your solution

- Effective ways to help you sort out the ideas that will work (time / resource / spend)
- Compile a list of ideas that can be deployed to optimize your campaign

Process Deliver Phase 4


Creating the metric of success and top priority to action

- Make sure your metrics are on point
- Document your approach to enable others to help you activate and implement