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Your course creator – Andrew Tran

Strategy consultant with over 12 years of international experience helping multi-million dollar brands market their products and services to build, qualified leads and improve brand experience.


In addition building, collaborating, producing and moderating events across Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Andrew is the host of The Point of View Show which is a podcast aimed at business professionals interested in Leadership, Branding, Marketing and Sales.

Andrew Tran Marketing Strategist

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Case Study – Applying the course in action

By applying elements of the mini-course plus core elements of the full course you can begin to plan and come up with solid ideas to make more revenue with your campaigns

Challenge: A Vietnamese startup focused in outdoor media space was looking to increase revenue objectives.

Process: Using the principals in a workshop setting to define and align focus, ideate and prioritize solutions to solve their current challenge.

Delivered: Documented approach to improve their sales strategy, ideate the solution, and aligned team and resource direction.

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Mini-course structure

Try the mini-course. It’s 3 easy to follow video lessons that will help you on the fundamental aspects of improving your digital marketing and get you on the right path to improve your branding, sale, customer experience in order to generate more revenue with your customers.

No experience necessary

Easy to follow course book

Videos to help you build

Module 4 Ideate solutions for the problem


Understand your target audience
Module 5 Prioritize your solution


Identify your sales objective
Module 2 Identify your resources


Inspiration and motivation from industry experts

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