SOCIAL MEDIA: Nike’s “Twist” campaign

So Nike Japan is doing a series of promotions to promote the Nike Free running shoes.

The first one was their “Twist” campaign was the Nike Free Face which invites the user to produce a image that gives a distorted, twisted face, in which the Nike shoe will twist accordingly based off the image the user submits.

Their second called “Building Twist” involves and experiential model whereby the user twists the shoe, which in turn twists the building, giving it an augmented view.

From Digital Buzz’s article the shoe is an:

“Interactive projection mapping experience controlled by a shoe that’s been wired up with a bunch of pressure sensors and plugged into an Arduino board, allowing users to literally twist a building like you can the shoe.

The pressure sensors control dynamic projection mapping installation in real-time, creating a very cool hands on experience for Nike."

Built by the guys at Wieden + Kennedy Tokyo.”

Source: Digital Buzz

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