How to choose the best social media channel

If you’re small business or an agency trying to enter the digital realm, knowing which social media channel to use is the first start to success.

If you’re in an agency working on a client’s issue, knowing the actual client’s business size and current digital channels is a start.

If you’re a small business wanting to do it yourself, a great way to figure out what channels to start with is by looking at others and picking the style that works for you.

Like Anthony Robbins book, Unlimited Power, all success follows a pattern, unlock this pattern and emulate is the vehicle for success.

Why I bought this up is because there’s heaps of information out there that can give you this information.

The question is:  Do you have time to do the research?

If you’re a small business, unless you’ve got the funds to find someone to do it for you,  research on this subject will have to come from yourself.

Social Media Explorer’s 2012 Social Media Marketing Industry Report this will provide you with some excellent insight into social media from over 3,800 employees.

Which channel?

In Australia, Facebook is the dominant social networking channel there is. Experienced social media practioners use Facebook heavily, however incorporate other channels like Twitter, LinkedIn and blog posts in the mix.

It’s all good having a business presence in all of the major social channels (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc), but finding a linkage is key for maximising your social footprint and provide more engagement.

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